At H&H Air Conditioning & Heating, your comfort during summer and winter is our #1 priority.  The many different brands and models of furnaces available today ensure that your home will always be comfortable during wintertime and will save you money by using less energy and lowering your monthly utility bills.  To have the best experience possible with your furnace, it takes more than simply choosing one that caters to the needs of your family.  It requires professional installation, preventative maintenance, and when required, expert furnace repair services.




No matter what brand name or type you have in your Kitchener, Oakville, or Richmond Hill home, your furnace was manufactured and installed with comfort, dependability, and efficiency in mind.  Today’s furnaces are:

  • Designed and developed with a lower profile
  • Engineered to minimize noise
  • More compact and energy-efficient
  • Much easier to install
  • Run more efficiently and quieter
  • Start more reliably

Furthermore, today’s furnaces are all backed by the individual manufacturer’s warranty covering up to 10 years in labor and parts.  Whether or not yours is still under warranty, let H&H Air Conditioning & Heating know that when you contact us for furnace repair in the cities mentioned above.



A furnace that is malfunctioning means that your indoor living environment will not be very comfortable, not to mention the fact that some issues can be dangerous and put the entire household at risk.  But before you’re tempted to run out and purchase a new furnace for your Kitchener, Oakville, or Richmond Hill home, call H&H Air Conditioning & Heating.  You may just need a simple, inexpensive furnace repair.  In any case, don’t hesitate to call us for assistance.

Whenever you suspect that something is wrong and that repairs may be needed, the following warning signs should tell you when to call us for service:

  • Burner flame is yellow, not blue – a blue flame is normal, but if it changes to yellow, it could be due to excess moisture, rusty flue pipes, streaks of soot around the furnace, upward draft issues in your chimney, or water leaks. These could lead to an even more dangerous condition, namely the production of carbon monoxide.
  • Check your monthly electricity and gas bills – when your furnace doesn’t operate as efficiently as it should, it will be directly reflected on your monthly utility bills. This could be due to a minor mechanical issue or the lack of preventative maintenance.
  • Issues with your thermostat – if you find you continually have to adjust your thermostat in order to keep your home comfortable indoors, the device needs to be inspected and possibly repaired or replaced.
  • Strange sounds – banging, popping, rattling, and squealing noises indicate a problem in most appliances and your heating system is no exception. If you’ve noticed these sounds, it may be time to call us for service.