Nothing is more comforting during the long Canadian winter than being able to relax in front of a roaring fire in your fireplace.  Many homes throughout Kitchener, Oakville, and Richmond Hill are equipped with these wonderful appliances.  However, the safety of your family and home is an important concern when you have one.  The technicians at H&H Air Conditioning & Heating can ensure the integrity of the manufacturer’s fireplace warranty, the longevity of your fireplace, and the safety of your household.




We service all types of gas fireplaces (regardless of manufacturer) in the cities listed above including direct vent, gas insert, and gas log models.  Direct vent models are the more common version that we work on.  As the name implies, inserts is installed within your existing fireplace.  Finally, gas log models are considered the more decorative fireplace option.  No matter what type of fireplace you have, we can quickly identify any potential problems before they arise and recommend the proper repair or replacement solution that best suits your needs.




If you are purchasing any one of the different types of fireplace models listed in the prior section, H&H Air Conditioning & Heating is always ready to install it in your Kitchener, Oakville, or Richmond Hill home.  Our installation team has been trained and certified in all facets of fireplace installation.  You can be assured that your new gas fireplace will be properly and safely installed when our crew is on the job.  Additionally, we guarantee the quality of our workmanship for your satisfaction.




Surprisingly, most gas fireplaces today are considered low-maintenance appliances.  So not only are they the focal point of your den or living room, they are a terrific asset that adds to the value of your home.  However, as with any other home appliance, fireplaces are not maintenance-free and need to be serviced on a regularly scheduled basis.  At H&H Air Conditioning & Heating we offer customizable preventative maintenance plans that can be tailored to facilitate your needs and those of your household.



If you were suffering with an injured knee, you wouldn’t visit a barber to repair it would you? Then why would your risk having an inexperienced handyman repair your fireplace instead of calling an expert technician.  The primary cause of fireplace problems is the lack of preventative maintenance which inevitably leads to costly repairs.  Our fireplace repair specialists can quickly diagnose the problem and make their recommendation for repairs or replacement. It will help you enjoy warm and cozy evenings again.

To learn more about our fireplace installation, maintenance, and repairs services in the cities of Kitchener, Oakville, and Richmond Hill, please contact H&H Air Conditioning & Heating as soon as it’s convenient.