Doing an energy efficiency assessment on your home is important. It can help you determine what you need to provide more warmth in your home for the cool months and how to keep your home cool during the hot days and nights of summer. The newer systems offered for homes today are more efficient and use less energy.

Single or Multi-Stage

First, we will discuss the single stage. The single stage for heating and cooling is a common choice for those who are exposed to hot and humid winters. The system can be programmed to keep your home a certain temperature throughout the entire year. While this sounds great, there is a little bit of time that the heating and the air conditioning are constantly running on full speed and they may not need to be. This will increase your power bill. Multi-stage offers a variety of fan speeds that will help to maintain a steady flow of air. It’s important to note that even with the multi-stage system; the unit is going to be working at maximum function so it may not be that good at helping you to save that much money.

Zoned Systems

This type of system works by zone valves or dampers that are set inside the vents or the ductwork. They block the flow of the air as it comes through when it’s not needed. This system is a money saving and energy saving system.

Humidity Control

You can control the humidity in your home by adding a humidifier as well as a dehumidifier too. This will help to dry up the humid climate inside your home so your heating and cooling system won’t kick on so often. Homes can have up to 50% relative humidity inside.

Heating Systems

There are a few categories to put available heating systems in. The most popular are heating units that run through ductwork. The unit itself can be produced through boilers, either steam radiators or forced water system. The heat is then pushed through baseboard radiators, electric heating, or heat pumps. Furnaces can use propane fuel or natural gas while boilers use oil or gas.
Another heating system is the hydronic heating system, also known as radiant floors. This type of heating unit uses piping that is placed under the floor boards in your home. The flexible tubes will then fill with water or a glycol solutions in order to heat the floor. This type of heating is system is particular good for those who have concrete flooring. You will need to have either a heat pump unit or a boiler in order to produce the heat.

Cooling Systems

You want an air conditioning system that will work for you when you need it. It’s hard to tolerate the extreme heat with just a fan. There are many different sizes and types of air conditioning systems that will work for most anyone. For homes in the south, a central or complete home air conditioning system works best. You can place them inside the window when it is hot outside and they do a pretty good job at maintaining coolness in the home. There are ductless mini-split systems that can also be placed inside the home as well. Air conditioning units are produced to use less than 50% of energy than the past models and produce the same amount of cooling.

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