The truth is that homeowners who take responsibility are well-aware of the fact that the filters on their HVAC systems need to be changed right on as per your schedule. However, this schedule might not really be good enough. If you check your filter at the time when it needs to be replaced and you find out that it’s covered in hair, dust and a range of other particles, it’s obvious that something has gotten it clogged in advance prematurely.
This is where you start asking questions and trying to determine the reason for which this solution, which was supposed to be working properly up until this moment, has been clogged prematurely. Now, the truth is that there are a few different yet common causes as well as a number of things you could do in order to rectify this issue.
Common reasons for premature clogging

Pet Hair

If you have a pet which is currently shedding in your home, this is almost certainly going to contribute to a fuzzy filter and you should be aware of it. Daily vacuuming as well as weekly pet brushing could easily help you through this issue and reduce the harmful consequences.

Your fan is “on”

Your thermostat should have two settings regarding the fan – “on” and “auto”. With this in mind, when your fan is set to the automatic setting, it would only turn on when it needs to actively cool your home. However, when it is set to on, it will run continuously, hence allowing aggregating more dirt.

Temperature extremities

Even if your fan is actually turned to “auto”’, if it is very hot or cold outside, this is going to keep the system running for a longer period of time, if not throughout the entire time altogether. You may need to shorten the intervals when you replace your fan filter because of that.
As you can see for yourself, there are a few different things to consider. Keep in mind that there are additional issues to account for as well. For instance, if your home is overly dusty or you have a filter with a high MERV rating, this is also going to lead to quicker dust buildup and it’s something that you ought to account for.
The most important thing to consider here is that you should create a habit of taking a look at your filter regularly throughout a shorter time span. This will point you towards the right direction and make sure that your home is kept clean throughout the entire time. This is something very important and you should definitely take it into account.

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