Winter is just a few short months away. As summer moves into fall and days get colder, AC repair specialists in Oakville suggest that homeowners prepare their HVAC systems for winter to safeguard against snow and ice. It will also help prevent rust damage and infestation from animals during the winter months.

Winterization ensures that your HVAC system is prepared for the season and is best done before cold weather really hits, preferably in the fall. This will reduce cold air intruding into you home and increase the lifespan of your system. Keeping cold air outside will reduce your monthly heating costs. Although your air conditioning system is very sturdy, some components don’t react well in colder temperatures. Winterization will keep ice from collecting on these parts.

Remove Debris

Make sure to remove all leaves, twigs and other yard debris from around you outdoor unit. Clean the unit with your garden hose to remove any buildup of dirt. Then, allow the unit to dry thoroughly. Standing debris can invite animal infestation in the winter. Damage caused by animals is one of the main causes of damage to air conditioning units in the winter.

Cut The Power Supply

When you cut the power supply to the air conditioner, it prevents it from turning on during a warm day. It can prevent it from accumulating water that could freeze overnight when the weather dips again and damage the unit.


Install foam or rubber pipe insulation around pipes to prevent freezing. You may wish to consult with an AC repair professional in Oakville to ensure that the unit is properly insulated.

Cover The Unit

Cover your outdoor unit with a waterproof air conditioner cover. Make sure it is secured and fully covers the unit.

Remove Accumulating Snow And Ice

Throughout the winter, make sure to continue to remove snow, ice, or any debris from the top of the unit.

Seal Vents

Make sure the air conditioning vents are sealed in order to eliminate drafts and cold air from finding its way into your home. Vents are the main source of winter drafts in a home. There is tape specifically designed for sealing off vents and ducts. These should be removed prior to turning on the unit next spring or summer. An air conditioner repair technician can assist with sealing vents and ducts properly.

Your air conditioning system is an expensive part of your home. Make sure that it is protected from the harsh winter weather so you can be assured it will work properly come the next warm season. If you would rather have an air conditioner repair professional in Oakville winterize your unit, call the experts at H&H Air Conditioning & Heating. We will make sure your AC is properly winterized for your peace of mind.

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